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The Off-grid, EV Charging Solution, Zevolv is the Answer to Range Anxiety


Charging EVs Across the World, Anyplace, Anytime with a self-contained Drop-Box Solution.

We are filling a gap in the market by creating off-grid charging stations that are reliant on renewable energy sources. We will address the issues which are apparent in very rural, isolated areas, areas that are hard to get an on-grid energy supply too and supply major events with EV charging points. Of course, we will produce an on-grid model as well

EV Charging Points Need to Meet the Growing Demand

Zevolv EV Charging points will be both on and off-grid, and to help owners avoid "range anxiety". They need to be installed within specified ranges in all areas. In addition, they will be charger agnostic, meaning that every EV will be able to charge at a Zevolv charging station.

Renewable Energy

Zevolv will use renewable energy for the off-grid solution. Our systems will be built using the most robust AI blockchain for energy monitoring, and all data collection.

20M EV Charging Stations needed by 2020 globally. That is on the low side.

Zevolv is developing a revolutionary on and off-grid charging system to power Electric Vehicles (EVs) via a strong renewable energy supply and infrastructure.



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